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Drill and blast in open-pit mine

Over the past 25 years, CCL Drill and Blast has developed a solid expertise in open pit drill and blast projects. Whether for mass production or difficult drilling, our team has always excelled, offering every sort of drilling required in open pit mining.

Able to develop autonomy in our operations BASED ON CLIENT’S needs

Our goal is to provide a complete service that is adapted to our clients needs. CCL is able to manage operations as a whole, from blasting to engineering, as requested. Also, we have all the necessary equipment to achieve fully autonomous operations, when required.

Specialist in production drilling requiring VESSELS

Throughout the years, our team has developed solid knowledge when it comes to vessels installation in hard-to-access holes, while being effective. Whether it’s cardboard casing or PVC, CCL is able to instal vessels that follow engineering plans.

Specialist in norTHERN conditions

CCL works north of the 51st parallel in conditions that can reach temperatures below 50 degrees. The team remains functional and moves forward despite the extreme cold in the region.

Very competitive prices

CCL Drilling has around thirty drilling equipment in its fleet, allowing it to perform the various works requested at a competitive price and quickly.

EFFICIENT IN health and safety

Leader in terms of health and safety in our area, CCL has built a solid reputation in this regard. Working in hostile environments, with rules that vary from client to client, rigor, determination, flexibility and innovation are at the heart of our success. It is no coincidence that on January 20, 2020 we reached the mark of 3,000 consecutive days without a loss of time accident for all of our projects on the various sites in the Fermont region!

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