Forages CCL


1994 to today

Secondary Drilling
ArcelorMittal Mine
Mont-Wright, Quebec

The secondary drilling project at Arcelormittal’s Mont-Wright mine is defined by all the drilling activities in support to the operations of the mine's production drills.

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1996 to today

Diamond Drilling
ArcelorMittal Mine
Mont-Wright, Québec

The first diamond mining contract was obtained in 1996 in Mont-Wright for ArcelorMittal.

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2023 to today

Secondary Drilling
Quebec Iron Ore Mine
Fermont, Quebec

In 2023, Forages CCL will be entrusted with a new mission in the largest iron ore production region in Canada. This time, it’s at Quebec Iron Ore.

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2006 - 2020

Drilling and blasting
Arcelormittal Mine
Fire Lake, Quebec

CCL drilled the first hole at Fire Lake in 2006, when the mine reopened.

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2017 – 2019

Drilling and Blasting
North American Lithium Mine
La Corne, Quebec

In 2017, CCL Drill and Blast obtained the mandate to perform drilling and blasting for North American Lithium.

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